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Country Roads

I spent the day driving across Kansas. The state turned about to be a lot more interesting to look at than I would have thought. Among other things, I got a chance to see the world’s largest ball of twine in Cawker City. Mind you, this is not to be confused with with the world’s largest ball of twine wrapped by a single person, which is located in Darwin, MN.

The one thing that continually puzzled me in my drive across Kansas was why the authorities in such a vast state with so very few people felt the need to build such massive roads. The most trivial roads seemed to have elaborate overpasses and enterance ramps so that on the off chance that two cars where in the vacinity, they would not hold each other up.

Here is a picture I took of the intersection outside my hotel in Lawrence Kansas. It was located in a typical suburban strip mall zone. There was a Wal Mart and various parking lot restaurants on one side of the road and a Target and a few gas stations on the other. Everything was completely ordinary, except for the truly colossal scale of the roads. Is it really necessary to have a 150 foot wide, 7 lane road to service a McDonalds and a WalMart in a city with fewer than 100k people?

Seriously. There are portions of I-95, which connects Washington DC, New York and Boston, that are not this wide.

What’s the matter with Kansas

No Alcohol
It is 11:30 PM on a Saturday night. I’m staying in the middle of the largest metro area in the state. There are no stores open that can sell me a six pack of beer for off-premises consumption. They all closed at 11 PM.

That’s what’s the matter with Kansas.

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