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Weekly Poll

What do you think? Should we ban cell phones while driving?

Last week’s post on the push to ban cell phone use in cars and the dangers of carpooling got a lot of attention. So what do you think?

Weekly Poll: What European institution do you hate most about airports?

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Check out the full story here.

Friday Poll #3

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What the readers love about America

America is a big place that is full of great things. We’ve got 300 million people, 50 states, 2 oceans and, of course, free refills.  Since I started this blog a little more than three weeks ago, I’ve been working to catalogue the things that make America great and Europe stink as well as the latest developments in the battle for freedom.  I’ve got a long and growing list of things that will keep me busy writing for some time.

But I would like to know more about what you, the readers, love most about our great nation. What American institution makes you tear up when you see old glory? Is it ice, cup-holders, drive-thrus, or maybe something else? If you’ve got a suggestion about what makes America great, e-mail it to me at nowooski [at] gmail dot com, or leave it in the comment thread below.

In the meantime, our two Friday polls thus far have given a little insight in to what you, the readers, love about America and loath about Europe.

Here are the results from the week 1 and 2 polls:

Week 1: What do you love most about America?

Ice – 50%

Down-Escalators – 31%

Drive-Thrus – 19%

Cup-Holders – 0%


Week 2: What do you hate most about Europe?

They make you pay to pee – 67%

Credit Card surcharges – 22%

No 24/7 Big Box Stores – 11%


I am not sure what to conclude about you all from this, other than, perhaps, that you’re generally concerned with bodily needs and functions, like having cold drinks and free places to pee.

I’m with you.

God Bless America!

Friday Poll: What do you hate most about Europe?

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Friday Poll

Every Friday Free Refills America will ask you what your favorite topic from the previous week was.

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