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The Victory McDonald’s

We’ve written about it before, but now there is photographic proof. McDonald’s opened a location in the Louvre.

Let no one say the American Dream is dead [photos]

I stumbled on this booth while walking around Coney Island last weekend.


Booze + Public Consumption + Free Refills = God Bless America!

Signs of progress [photos]

I know a lot of Americans love their dogs, but I am not one of them. They smell bad. They are a lot of work. They are expensive and they tend to bark and bite. Plus, the small ones have always seemed a little Parisian to me. If I could ban all dogs I would do it in a heartbeat. Absent that, I cherish new regulations they keep neighborhoods and public spaces free of the four-legged menace.

Naturally, I was happy to see this sign at New York’s Hudson River Park.


Signs of demise [photos]

De-industrialization leaves a lot of scars: shuttered factories, broken communities and a general sense of hopelessness. But the one I hadn’t anticipated—and found particularly troubling—is when all-night diners are forced to scale back their hours because the plant closed and the customer based dried up. Apparently the spread of 24-hour technology is not irreversible after all.


It's not open 24-hours anymore, just blank hours....

Eat your Big Mac quickly [photos]

I saw this sign in a McDonald’s in Ferndale, Michigan.

I’m not sure when McDonald’s started enforcing time limits on lunch, but if widespread, such a policy would seem to counteract their efforts to establish themselves as a coffee house by offering free WiFi and premium drinks.

Though I suppose the most American thing to do would be to forgo the dining room all together and instead scarf down your lunch while waiting at a red light.


Late night document shredding at the Fed


It’s unclear exactly why, but the Federal Reserve Bank of New York seems to have rented some paper shredders – really, really big paper shredders.

Last Thursday night around 7 PM I was in the Financial District walking down Maiden Lane when I heard a loud engine noise. As I crossed William Street and approached the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, I saw that the noise was coming from one of those giant document shredding trucks that was parked outside the Fed’s main delivery doors.

People are pretty suspicious of the Fed these days. Maybe next time they have a late-night document shredding session, they should consider hiring a document destruction company with a more discrete truck. You know, so it doesn’t look like they’re destroying evidence and all.

A sensible solution to snow removal [American pragmatism]

NYC Garbage/Plow truck on Broadway at Astor Place

In much of the country, garbage collection is preformed by a giant corporation like Waste Management, or if you live in New Jersey, the Mob. But in New York City the trash is still handled largely by the City’s Department of Sanitation.

This setup seems to work well enough during most the year (garbage does not tend pile up in the streets as it does in Italy), but it has a serious benefit the one or two times a year there is a big snowfall.

Since the city already owns enough garbage trucks to regularly service every street, it simply slaps a snowplow on the front of each one when needed, thus eliminating the need to maintain a redundant fleet of plow trucks.

American pragmatism at its finest.

To serve and protect [photo]

IMG_0218While walking through Downtown DC yesterday I came across a firehouse that had not one, but two different soda vending machines outside. They were not being picked-up or delivered, but rather were simply there in case someone walking down the street (which was devoid of shops) needed a little refreshment.

I think this is a great public service, and would go so far as to say that all firehouses and police departments should have vending machines outside them. After all, they are there to serve the public, and what better way to do that than by providing access to ice cold Cokes 24/7.

Now if they could just add credit card payment options and do something about that big pile of snow…

All-you-can-drink beer [photo]

I came across this poster in a bar bathroom in DC.

I suppose “all you care to drink” is wimpy legal speak for “all you can drink.” But either way, $25 for unlimited beer, appetizers and a nacho bar sounds like a pretty good deal to me. And I’m sure it’s a deal you’d never find in Europe.


God Bless America!

The world the way it should be…

Sometimes all it takes is a picture to remind us that progress is still possible.

Coke accepts Credit Cards

A Coke machine that takes credit cards

God Bless America!

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