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Hate Mail

Europe fights back [hate mail]

Hate MailPosting will be pretty light today as I am going to be spending most of the day on an epic cross country drive. But I thought I’d leave you with this delightful angry comment to mull over.

***Note: I considered inserting paragraph breaks for readability, but decided that doing so would detract from the author’s original meaning***

Frank — March 18, 2010 at 11:58 PM

Of your 26 greatest things about America 10 of them are for fat lazy people such as yourself. Just cos something is made easier doesn’t mean its better. Go and eat all the 5dollar pizzas you can afford us Europeans will stay with our original food traditions and LONG UNNECESSARY ways of doing things according to LAZY AMERICANS. I think someone is forgetting how he managed to get to America maybe on a ship from an original country thats maybe not ashamed of most of its past.  Greatest things about Europe no particular order, 1 18 or less drinking age, 2 Different size and colour notes, 3 no stupid laws such as a law in California requiring people to wear shoes of a certain size and not allowed to eat ice cream in public, 4 most people are care free, 5 ORIGINAL TRADITIONS from countries that have got history, 6 that anybody any age can buy a cell phone and use it instantly without being tied down to a contract, 7 our football is the most popular in the world, 8 most countries in the world like Europeans compared to most hating Americans, 9 most people who live within the city limits can walk to most places, 10 unlike Americans Europeans actually care about the world and don’t drive big stupid cars, trucks that just about fit on the road, 11 Most Europeans education is much higher than Americans, 12 Being drunk in public is not a problem

I’m not sure that “Frank” really made the case for the European educational system there. What’s more, he posted the comment from an IP address registered to Davenport University–which is located in Michigan. Suspicious.

So what say you Free Refills readers, is Frank right? Is Europe better because they have “LONG UNNECESSARY” ways of doing things?

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