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American Innovation

Cracking eggs, made easy

Just the other day I was thinking that the drudgery of cracking eggs was really cramping my style. Fortunately, after thousands of years of hassle, American innovators have found a way to save us from the minor inconveniences that come from making breakfast.

Introducing: The EZ-Cracker, a tool that helps you crack eggs. It can even do the scrambling for you. If that is not progress, I don’t know what is.

God Bless America!

(Hat tip, Donn)

Now you can inhale your coffee, literally [American innovation]

Have you ever thought, man, the problem with coffee is there is no way to inhale it.

No? Me neither.

But this being America, someone has finally come up with a solution to the ‘uninhaleability of coffee’ problem.

It is a disposable, lipstick-sized contraption called “Le Wiff” from which you can inhale either chocolate or coffee flavoring. Invented by Harvard professor David Edwards, Le Wiff is available online or in a few stores in New York and Boston.

Check out inhabitat for a diagram of how this device works.


Heniz improves ketchup packets [progress]

I just love it when Corporate America unilaterally makes my life better.

From the AP:

For decades there was only one way to use the humble ketchup packet, and it was messy. Now, fast-food lovers have a choice: the traditional squeeze play — or the option to dunk.

You want fries with that, in the minivan? No problem.

The new ketchup pack, unveiled Thursday by H.J. Heinz Co., is shaped like a shallow cup. The top can be peeled back for dipping, or the end can be torn off for squeezing. It holds three times as much ketchup as a traditional packet.

God Bless Big Business and God Bless America!


Texting-while-driving now possible for cyclists as well [American Innovation]

gallery-handlebarAlmost every American (except for technophobic old people) can chat on a cell phone or even text while driving with ease.

But what happens if you ride a bike to work? How are you supposed to text-while-biking?

An accomplished cyclist would have no trouble riding with one or even no hands of course. But for the rest of us there is a handy new gadget called the The Text Hook which can mount a smart phone on just about anything, including bike handlebars and strollers.

Finally the All-American habit of texting-while-driving is available to bikers as well. The only question is how long will it take for the self-proclaimed “safety experts” to try and ban it?

God Bless America

P.S. This really should have been on the Free Refills & Why I Love America gift guide.

#20. Camel Crush Cigarettes [American innovation]

2009-06-29 120With the news out today that the Food and Drug Administration is instituting a ban on flavored cigarettes, I thought it was only fitting to take a look at a positive contribution Big Tobacco has recently made to society:  Camel Crush Cigarettes.

These are no ordinary premium cigarettes. These are special flavor changing cigarettes.*

They are specially developed to transform from a normal cigarette into a menthol when the smoker applies pressure to a small ball located in the filter. Apparently this new product fills the needs of smokers who can’t wait the two or three minutes until they are done with their current smoke to light-up a menthol.

I can’t say I’ll ever use it, but I am happy that the good men and women at RJ Reynolds developed it just in case.

Not to be cynical about this product’s chances, but if you are inclined to give it a try, I might suggest doing it soon. I have the lingering suspicion that it won’t be long before either the FDA bans menthols or the corporate bean-counters send it the way of Crystal Clear Pepsi.

God Bless America and God Bless American Innovation!

*The FDA’s current ban on flavored cigarettes does not apply to menthols.

(Hat tip, Dan H)

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