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MI Governor to sign texting ban on the Oprah Show

As if we needed any more proof that the push for cell phone bans is driven emotion and fear more than rational debate. But I guess since the main effect of this legislation is to appease stay-at-home moms and technophobic seniors, signing the bill on the Oparh show is probably a good stunt.

WNEM has the details:

LANSING, Mich. — A ban on the use of cell phones to send text messages or e-mail while driving in Michigan will be signed into law by Gov. Jennifer Granholm on Friday’s “TheOprah Winfrey Show.”

The Michigan House passed the third and final bill in a texting ban package by an 82-22 vote Wednesday. The Senate already has passed the bill.

The Legislature passed the main bills in the package earlier this month.

The ban is to take effect July 1. It makes texting a primary offense, meaning police could pull over motorists for texting alone.

A first offense would cost $100 and repeat offenses would cost $200.

I’ve said it before, but it is worth repeating. According to a comprehensive study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (who supports such laws), banning cell phones in cars does not save any lives. None.

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