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Cracking eggs, made easy

Just the other day I was thinking that the drudgery of cracking eggs was really cramping my style. Fortunately, after thousands of years of hassle, American innovators have found a way to save us from the minor inconveniences that come from making breakfast.

Introducing: The EZ-Cracker, a tool that helps you crack eggs. It can even do the scrambling for you. If that is not progress, I don’t know what is.

God Bless America!

(Hat tip, Donn)

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  1. Heesa Phadie says:

    This is absolutely amazing. I think I need to get one..I’m surprised this hasn’t been done already. I used to have the Bacon Wave way back in the early 90s…it actually worked in a way. The bacon was a little dry but you could cook a bunch quickly and easily enough.

  2. Free Refills says:

    Hopefully the As Seen on TV folks will develop a special storage unit for all of their amazing kitchen tools.

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