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April 7th, 2010:

Jesus wants you to fill out your Census form [ads]

I’m not sure if this Census poster printed by the National Association of Latino Elected Officials is completely amazing or totally misses the mark. Needless to say, some Christian leaders–particularly those encouraging Latinos to boycott the Census–are not happy about it.

What do you think? Is this poster more or less amazing than putting Census ads in fortune cookies?

How far we’ve come [video]

I’m no fan of what Matt Yglesias calls the “stick it to hippies” school of libertarianism—or for that matter, pretty much anything that the Competitive Enterprise Institute promotes. But I do appreciate a good political ad, particularly one that trumpets progress.  And this ad that CEI made attacking Earth Hour is very well done. (I know, I know, I’m a week or so late to this).

The one thing I would add is a picture of free refills at the end. After all, if the never-ending refreshment that is free refills technology is not the pinnacle of human achievement, I don’t know what is.

[Previous Earth Hour coverage]

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