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The KFC Double Down is coming soon!

It is real.

KFC announced that its much anticipated new offering, the Double Down Sandwich, is going to be rolled out nationwide. In less than a week! Holy shit! Mark your calendars!

KFC has a helpful countdown clock to help you keep track of how munch longer you’ll be waiting for this bad boy (unfortunately, it is not embeddable).  I don’t know about you, but I’ll be queuing up outside my local KFC early for this one. It is going to be a big deal, probably a bigger deal than the iPad. So get there early.

For those of you who don’t dream of this sandwich every night, the Double Down is a typical bacon and cheddar sandwich, except with two pieces of fried chicken as the bread!

God Bless America!

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One Comment

  1. Heesa Phadie says:

    Yes! This is the quintessential Americanization of something that’s already American and I love it!!! If only we would at a gravy sauce or maybe some potatoes in there somewhere. If KFC served Apple Pie a la mode I think I’d live there.

    Please tell us what you think of it when you try it.

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