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Vive Le Free Refills! [soda tax]

This is what I like to see: people standing up against the free refills-ending soda tax in Philadelphia. You can keep informed about the campaign to stop the soda tax by following savephillyjobs on twitter or by visiting their website.

It’s been defeated at the national level.

It’s been defeated in New York State.

Now it is time to defeat to defeat the soda tax in Philadelphia!

You can see more pictures of the rally here and follow our continuing coverage of the national soda tax debate here.

(Photo from Matt Petrillo)

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  1. Jon Wilcox says:

    Man, that button is confusing. “NO SUGAR TAX” it says upon first glance. But then the no symbol seems like it’s creating a double-negative. So no no sugar tax? But the text actually appears on top of the no symbol. WHAT IS GOING ON? If I was buzzin’ on that sweet sucrose, maybe I’d understand.

  2. Free Refills says:

    I hadn’t looked at it to closely, as I just liked the contrast with the Coca-Cola shit. But yeah, you’re right. Political design malpractice.

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