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March 26th, 2010:

Vive Le Free Refills! [soda tax]

This is what I like to see: people standing up against the free refills-ending soda tax in Philadelphia. You can keep informed about the campaign to stop the soda tax by following savephillyjobs on twitter or by visiting their website.

It’s been defeated at the national level.

It’s been defeated in New York State.

Now it is time to defeat to defeat the soda tax in Philadelphia!

You can see more pictures of the rally here and follow our continuing coverage of the national soda tax debate here.

(Photo from Matt Petrillo) circa 1996

McDonald’s. It is just about the definition of ubiquitous.

Its beloved golden arches blanket the country from coast to coast. It spends tens of millions of dollars a year on advertising. With 2 million monthly visitors, its corporate website is one of the top 1000 most-visited websites in the county. It has nearly 2 million facebook fans, 20k twitter followers and it even offers free WiFi in most of its American restaurants.

But McDonald’s was not always at the cutting edge of technology. In fact, back in 1996, its website looked like this:

It’s not clear why is “Your Dalmatian Location” as opposed to say “Your Big Mac HQ,” but what is clear is that in 1996, McD’s had little use for its web presence other than to remind visitors of minor trivia. Thanks to the Internet in ’96 project, this fact will live on forever.

Check out their website to catch a glimpse of what the websites of other Mega Corporations looked like 14 years ago.

(Hat tip: Dan R for sharing)

NYC’s newest park bans dogs [progress]

Worst 'No Dogs' Sign EverI’ve never really understood why people like dogs. They strike me as being primarily smelly, messy and a lot of work to keep around. But people apparently like them, particularly here in New York.  This poses a bit of a challenge for the rest of us non-dog people as dogs crowd the sidewalk, poop on the streets and bark loudly at night.

Fortunately throughout the course of history, there have been great patriots who have risen to the challenge and taken on the dog lobby.  The most famous perhaps was Fran Lee, who helped institute the nation’s first pooper scooper laws. But there is still more work to be done.

I’m happy to report that the anti-dog forces seem to have once again gained the upper hand. Today there was news that New York’s newest park, the much anticipated Brooklyn Bridge Park, will be a dog free zone. Canines will be banned from the parks great lawns. This means no dog runs taking up valuable space. No barking to interrupt your picnic. And no doggie landmines to step in.

Hopefully it won’t be long before New York adopts a 24-hour barking ban.


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