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What is the smell of America?

BBQ Ribs on the WSMIs it fresh-cut grass? Morning dew? Car exhaust? Fresh human urine on the sidewalk outside Starbucks* ? (maybe that was just the first strong smell I experienced this morning)

Well, here is the answer according to the Harper’s Index:

Percentage of Americans who describe “barbecue ” as the aroma that best defines America: 39

What say you? Is BBQ really the smell that best defines America?

*Presumably this aroma was complements of late-night partier or one of the local park’s many homeless residents

(Hat tip: Anne)

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  1. Heesa Phadie says:

    Hmmm…that’s interesting, I’ve never thought of that. It’s a pretty good answer, barbecue. I might have to ponder this one for a little. I’d also say the smell of a diner…cooking eggs, bacon and burnt coffee. Or the smell of the exhaust of a semi.

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