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March 23rd, 2010:

New Jersey town bans dog barking [progress]

BEWARE OF DOGI’ll admit it, I don’t like dogs. I know they are man’s best friend and all—and a rather American pet to have—but I still don’t like them. They are smelly. They bite. They are not very self-reliant (unlike cats). And worst of all, they bark.  As anyone who has ever been kept up all night by a neighbor’s dog can attest, barking can be quite the public nuisance.

Visionary civic leaders in own New Jersey town, however, hope to make dog barking a nuisance of the past. reports that Piscataway Township has extended its nighttime anti dog barking ordinance to apply 24-hours a day.  Owners of noisy canines will face fines if their animals are a nuisance to neighbors.

“We periodically receive calls during the day, maybe from the home where a young child usually sleeps and a neighbor’s dog is keeping them up,” Mayor Brian Wahler said. “This ordinance will give police the mechanism to enforce the law during the day.”

I don’t know much about his politics, but this guy deserves to be re-elected for the dog barking ban alone!

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