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Now they want a “Pizza Tax”

BBQ Chicken Pizza - Pizza Art HawthornFirst it was soda taxes. Then it was salt bans. Now the food police want to tax our pizza.

Consumerist has the story:

While the current Soda Tax trend looks doomed to fail in New York state and Philadelphia, researchers are already making a suggestion for the target of the next sin tax — pizza.

A team of doctors writing in the Archives of Internal Medicine allege that levying an 10% tax on yummy, delicious, mouth-watering pizza would cut the average person’s caloric intake by around 11.5%.

A Pizza Tax? Really? If that was implemented, my beloved $5 Hot-N-Ready Pizza would jump to $5.50! That doesn’t even have a good ring to it.

I’m not worried about the demise of fatty foods, though. If Americans are good at one thing, it is inventing crazy new unhealthy foods. So there is basically no way that the food police are going to be able to tax us into losing weight.

Sorry guys. Better try something else.


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