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‘Natural Birth,’ aversion to diapers and other pregnancy nonsense

In the car seat with Dave the dogDov over at Moo Hippie, Moo is going to have a baby. You should be happy for him. The trouble is, pregnancy seems to do strange things to normally sane women—like believing the nonsensical advice contained within “natural” and “homeopathic” pregnancy books. Dov’s wife is no exception.

And since you can’t really argue with pregnant women, Dov has decided to channel his energies into chronicling the misinformation put out by the natural birth fanatics.  It is a great read.

Here is an excerpt from a post on “Hippie Birthing Books”:

Early in the pregnancy my partner purchased and read many books written by hippie birthing practitioners. My attempts to avoid reading any of them were quickly overwhelmed by my much more ‘persuasive’ wife. Resigned to my fate, I spent many hours reading terrifying personal accounts of fundamentalist hippie birth experiences, and their ‘practical’ how-to advice.

The writing styles in the books were strikingly similar, from the less than perfect prose to the wild fear-mongering, inappropriately detailed descriptions of the author’s genitalia, and complete dismissal of almost all things convenient and modern. This included hospitals, modern medicine, disposable diapers, most cleaning products, and general sanity.

Read the rest of the post here.

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