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A soda tax will hit your frappuccino too [soda tax]

New York isn’t the only place where politicians are pushing for a soda tax. Cash-strapped legislatures around the country are increasingly looking to soda taxes as a politically palatable way to raise funds under the guise of public health initiative.

Of course such a tax would hurt the poor most of all. But just because you tend to favor sophisticated coffee drinks over Big Gulps of Coke, doesn’t mean that a soda tax won’t impact you.

A recent story in the Philadelphia Inquirer had a great illustration of what exactly Philadelphia Mayor Nutter’s 2-cent per ounce soda tax would mean for your beverage of choice. Chocolate milk, fountain drinks, iced tea, even sweetened coffee drinks would be subject to the tax.

Like to drink a frappuccino in the morning? Better get ready to fork over an additional 20 cents for it. Soda taxes, it seems, will apply to Starbucks too.

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  1. Colin says:

    I don’t drink either… call me when they propose a No-Doz tax!

  2. Free Refills says:

    If they push through or 2 or 3 cent per ounce tax, we might all be crushing trucker caffeine pills before long!

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