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ABC wants your money to prop up Disney Land (or so says Cablevision)

In the world of corporate negative advertising,  it is usually cable and satellite companies that are the most hard-hitting. Comcast’s “Satellite TV is not all its dished up to be” ads were some of my personal favorites.

But a new ad out from Cablevision viciously attacking ABC might just set a new standard for corporate attack ads. Cablevision is in the midst of renegotiating a contract with ABC. But those talks don’t seem to be going well and are likely to get a bit harder since Cablevision is accusing ABC of extorting money from poor cable subscribers in order to:

  • line the pockets of fat cats
  • prop up failing theme parks
  • compensate for a failed business model


Here is the video.

Corporate attack ads: always entertaining.

[Via Consumerist]

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One Comment

  1. Heesa Phadie says:

    “Why? Maybe it’s because the ABC network is loosing millions. Or maybe they want our customers to prop up their struggling theme parks. Or maybe it’s to fund the high salaries and bonuses paid to their senior executives. Whatever the reason, ABC seems willing to punish our customers and their own viewers in pursuit of millions.”

    Haha…I love it. This is America!

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