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Is your thirst big enough?

Reader Dan sent in this amazing picture of a Pizza Hut in Munich.

There is a bit of a reflection, but the poster is advertizing Pizza Hut’s new Free Refills promotion.  The text reads “Free Refill – ist dein Durst gross genug?” Translation: “Free Refill – is your thirst big enough?”

A few things struck me about this picture:

1: There doesn’t appear to be a German word for Free Refill.

2: The window has “Welcome To The American Way of Pizza” etched into the glass.

I have never been to a Pizza Hut in Germany, just in the UK and Ireland, where they all offer free refills. So I decided to head over to to learn more.

Apparently this poster is part of a new promotion Pizza Hut-Germany is rolling out. In it, they are marketing American Free Refill technology to the thirsty German masses. So far free refills are only offered at a few of Pizza Hut’s German locations, but the website makes it easy to find where those locations are. They’ve even developed a cute little “Free Refill” logo. It almost makes you tear up a bit.

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  1. Heesa Phadie says:

    Haha….”It almost makes you tear up a bit.”

  2. Anita says:

    But… it still costs you. “Fuer nur 0,50” which means, “For only half a Euro.” (Wish we could see the fine print underneath the “cost” for the “free” refill.)

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