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USA wins Olympics!

Child Saluting American FlagThere is one more day of games, but for all intents and purposes the Olympics are over. We won! We are officially the Greatest Country in the World.

It is the first time we have won the Winter Olympics since 1932 (we tied Germany in 2002).

As of this morning, Team USA had already amassed an insurmountable lead in the medal race. There are a few more contests tomorrow, including an epic showdown between Team USA and Canada for the hockey medal. Hopefully we will triumph again. Defeating Canada a second time at their national sport after already thwarting their “Own The Podium” efforts would make the perfect coup de grĂ¢ce.


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  1. Heesa Phadie says:

    Yes! and Yes!….I must tip a Mountie Hat too the Canadians for winning in the golds..that truly is a feat.

    Funny aside I just heard…the US men’s hockey team all had returning flights booked for today…seems the travel was arranged per their finish order in the World Ice Hockey Championships and no one thought they’d still be in it. I’m so pumped for the game today…3:15 EST….GO US!!!

  2. Free Refills says:

    Canada did make quite the Gold Medal charge over the last few days.

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