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February 27th, 2010:

Fast Food Empires [maps]

With its 14,000 US locations, McDonald’s, in all its wonderful Dollar-Menu-and-free-Wi-Fi glory, can be found in nearly every community from coast to coast. But because of relatively strict territory guidelines for franchisees, McDonald’s locations seldom have overlapping markets with one another.

The result of this is that while McDonald’s is ubiquitous, it is often not the dominant fast food chain in any given market in terms of restaurant concentration. That honor often goes to one of the seven other large burger chains which together have around 24,000 outlets nationwide.

The folks over at Weather Sealed have put together a series of maps showing the “dominant” burger joint in different regions of the US. Everything in black is dominated by McDonald’s. It is a beautiful picture.

The map is part of an amusing Star Wars analogy of the fast food wars which is worth a read.

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