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Snowpocalypse: New York edition [recycled content]

The snow is coming down hard in New York right now. Visibility is greatly reduced. I can now longer see the skyscraper that is three blocks away from my apartment window. The weather service is predicting up to 16-inches of snow. The snow storm is supposed to be particularly damaging, because, according to the weather service, it has “teamed up with a wind storm.”

Of course, when the elements start joining forces against us we are screwed. And since people are going to start acting like fools I thought it would be a good time to retread the rules for how to behave in a snowstorm that I offered to the burghers of Washington D.C. a few weeks ago.

1: Umbrellas are for the rain. They’ll do you no good in the snow and just serve to hit other pedestrians in the face.

2: If the street is covered with snow, it is OK to walk on it.

3: If you’re in a car, you’re waiting. The pedestrians in your way have wet feet and are cold, you at least have heat.

4: When there is little more than a one-person path through the snow, it is the responsibility of the person with more robust footwear to giveaway to those coming from the other direction.

5: Snowpants are for skiing, not the bar. Just because there is some white stuff on the ground doesn’t mean you get to dress like a fool.

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