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Russians raise the bar for Canada bashing [Olympics]

Nothing brings Americans together like a good joke about Canada. Making fun of our neighbors to the north runs in our blood. Their “Eh?”s, their Maple Leaves, their bizarre fixation with Curling. Everything about Canada is just so mockable.

When two Americans meet each other for the first time, a good anecdote about those kooky Canadians will break the ice as well as anything. Mocking Canada is essentially a national sport (at least for those of us north of the Mason-Dixon Line). We’ve even made movies entirely devoted to the cause.

So it came as a bit of a shock to a to someone like myself who grew up on the US-Canada border to see an article in the Russian Newspaper Pravda that blows American Canada-bashing out of the water. Being a Russian publication, the article is a bit more vitriolic than the Canada jokes we tell here in America. But wow, is it worth a read.

Some of the highlights:

… the utter incapacity of this county to host a major international event, due to its inferiority complex , born of a trauma being the skinny and weakling bro to a beefy United States and a colonial outpost to the United Kingdom, whose Queen smiles happily from Canadian postage stamps.

…Vancouver is mutton dressed as lamb…

Oh, and lets not forget the bizarre assertion of widespread Canadian war crimes.

The abject cruelty shown by Canadian soldiers in international conflicts is scantily referred to…

Those crazy Russians… Always good for a laugh.

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