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USA to build new embassy with defensive moat in London [because we can]

The State Department announced that it has selected a plan for the new US embassy in London. The $1 billion glass cube will be the most expensive US Embassy in the world, beating out our Islamabad facility by $150 million.

The British are happy we’re moving out of central London, but are a bit perturbed that the State Department is refusing to pay $175 million in construction taxes. This bill is in addition to the 32 million pounds worth of outstanding parking violations that embassy employees have racked up.  Of course we don’t have any intention of paying up–that is what the Revolution was about, wasn’t it?

And even if they try, the Crown’s taxmen are going to have a hard time collecting their taxes as our new embassy will not only have the latest and greatest security systems but its main approach will also be defended by a 100-foot moat!


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  1. Heesa Phadie says:

    Geezus! 1 Billion and moat….I guess we have to keep those wankers out somehow.

  2. Colin says:

    Oh, America, what an image you project.

    p.s. Though I definitely understand the parking tickets. Isn’t it a worldwide custom for diplomats to ignore parking tickets?

    1. Free Refills says:

      Well, we certainly didn’t defeat the British Empire just so our Diplomats could pay a stinking congestion tax.

      And apparently it is not an across-the-board custom. The Times had a think on which diplomats paid NYC tickets a few years back. If I recall, it was highly related to the level of corruption in the home country. The Scandinavians all paid up.

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