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February 24th, 2010:

German Blitzkrieg closing medal gap [Olympics]

America was never supposed to be a contender in these Olympics. The pundits all said it would be Canada v. Germany out in front in the medals race.

But Team USA had a strong first week, and now we need to hang on to our lead.

This has been tough the last few days as the Germans have made quite the charge and are now within 2 medals of Team USA. Nate Silver over at FiveThirtyEight has the latest medal projects. It is going to be close.

But if we win, it will the first American Winter Olympic victory since 1932.

So root for Team USA, but also cheer on anyone who is not wearing a German flag (except, perhaps for the Canadians, we still need to teach them a lesson for that whole “Own The Podium” thing).

Denny’s really needs to open a NYC location

So near but yet so far

Writing my post about Denny’s offering free refills on pancakes and fries the other day naturally made me a bit hungry. So I decided it was high time to pay them a visit. After all, who doesn’t have a hankering for a Grand Slam pretty much all of the time?

I figured there had to be at least one location in NYC. After all, there are four Apple stores in Manhattan, there has got to be at least one Denny’s somewhere, right?

Hopeful, I fired up and used their restaurant-finder tool.  But I was soon met with devastating news: The nearest Denny’s location was 22 miles away and across state lines.Google estimated that getting there would require a subway ride, a train ride and a 30 minute walk.

I like endless flapjacks as much as the next guy, but an hour-and-a-half commute is a bit much. And who knows how late NJ Transit keeps its trains running. I guess I’ll just have to wait for Denny’s to open a restaurant in NYC (which I’m sure would make the Neighborhood Association-types apoplectic).

USA to build new embassy with defensive moat in London [because we can]

The State Department announced that it has selected a plan for the new US embassy in London. The $1 billion glass cube will be the most expensive US Embassy in the world, beating out our Islamabad facility by $150 million.

The British are happy we’re moving out of central London, but are a bit perturbed that the State Department is refusing to pay $175 million in construction taxes. This bill is in addition to the 32 million pounds worth of outstanding parking violations that embassy employees have racked up.  Of course we don’t have any intention of paying up–that is what the Revolution was about, wasn’t it?

And even if they try, the Crown’s taxmen are going to have a hard time collecting their taxes as our new embassy will not only have the latest and greatest security systems but its main approach will also be defended by a 100-foot moat!


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