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Olympic link roundup [Schadenfreude edition]

Pimp My ZamboniCanada’s ‘Own the Podium’ Plan Falls Short So Far as the U.S. Dominates [WSJ]

Big Push From Canada Is Not Panning Out [NYT]

Waking Its Neighbors, U.S. Upsets Canada [NYT]

Canadians Cave, Bring In American-Made Zamboni For Olympics [Jalopnik]

Nate Silver has an analysis of where Canada’s Olympic dreams are falling short, and how poorly targeted its “Own The Podium” funding was [FiveThiryEight]

The medal count at the end of day 10

USA: 24

Germany:  18

Norway: 12

South Korea: 9

Canada: 9


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  1. […] flag (except, perhaps for the Canadians, we still need to teach them a lesson for that whole “Own The Podium” thing). 0Comments var fbShare = {url: […]

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