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February 22nd, 2010:

NBC thinks Canada is 51st State [Olympics]

NBC is pretty excited about Ice Dancing this year. They’ve been using Lady Gaga music to hype it and are even running a contest where you can judge the Ice Dancing costumes.

But what has them particularly thrilled is the prospect that either the US or Canada will likely walk away with the gold. As they put it: “No North American team has ever won the gold medal in Ice Dancing.”

North American team?

Since when do continents compete in the Olympics? Did NAFTA start fielding Olympic Teams and I missed it? Or did NBC just overlook the fact that Canada is *technically* an independent country?

Taunting the competition with negative ads [video]

Negative ads—particularly the corporate variety—are delightful. But what is better than an ad that smears the competition? An ad that simply taunts the competition, like this new one from Audi that is running during the Olympic broadcasts.*

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*Yes, Audi is a German company, but its US advertising agency is San Fransisco-based Venables Bell & Partners.

Olympic link roundup [Schadenfreude edition]

Pimp My ZamboniCanada’s ‘Own the Podium’ Plan Falls Short So Far as the U.S. Dominates [WSJ]

Big Push From Canada Is Not Panning Out [NYT]

Waking Its Neighbors, U.S. Upsets Canada [NYT]

Canadians Cave, Bring In American-Made Zamboni For Olympics [Jalopnik]

Nate Silver has an analysis of where Canada’s Olympic dreams are falling short, and how poorly targeted its “Own The Podium” funding was [FiveThiryEight]

The medal count at the end of day 10

USA: 24

Germany:  18

Norway: 12

South Korea: 9

Canada: 9


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