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February 19th, 2010:

Watch out hipsters, Starbucks is coming! [progress]


Hey guys, even though this is Williamsburg you're still going to need to put a shirt on if you want to go inside Starbucks.

The last two years have been rough ones for Starbucks. They’ve closed hundreds of stores, saw sales slide and saw their $4-coffee market come under attack from McDonald’s. In New York, after decades of expansion, they shuttered shops in all five boroughs.

But the tide is apparently turning. According to, Starbucks is again looking to expand in New York—and this time into the hipster haven / Hasidic enclave of Williamsburg.  As you can see from this map of NYC Starbucks locations, the coffee giant has only made tentative steps outside of Manhattan and there has never been a store anywhere near Williamsburg.

Of course the anti-development types are bemoaning the fact that Starbucks is eyeing a location currently occupied by a local bagel shop. I say boo hoo.  If The Bagel Store were really that good it should be able to avoid being displaced by a Starbucks.

In any case, bringing a Starbucks to Williamsburg is great news because it means credit card technology, free bathrooms, and (one hopes) personal hygiene will finally make inroads into the bastion of hipsterdom.

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