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February 18th, 2010:

Here is one way to boost newspaper sales

I used this picture before in my post on the wonders of credit cards and chargebacks, but with all of the talk of the decline of print journalism, I thought it was worth running again. After all, it is a uniquely American solution to problem of not having enough change for the newspaper box.

Newspaper stand accepts credit cards

I’m not sure what is better, this or putting a credit card reader on a vending machine.

God Bless America!

Welcome Wyoming!

FE Warren Airforce Base

Earlier this month I lamented the fact that no one from Wyoming had ever Free Refills & Why I Love America. I must admit I was a little hurt by this, particularly considering this blog has had visitors from pretty much everywhere else in the world. In response to this slight, I decided to proclaimed Wyoming my least-favorite state.

Someone must have heard my complaints, as earlier this week this blog got its first visitor from The Equality State.

Google tells me the solitary visitor came from an IP address at Francis E. Warren Air Force Base is SE Wyoming.

A little searching on Wikipedia reveals that this particular base is home to the 90th Missile Wing. I suppose I am happy that whomever visited the site didn’t stay very long as they likely had more important things to pay attention to, like the numerous Minutemen ICBMs under their control.

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