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Why are Americans so bad at the shooting sports? [Olympics]

BrickArms Lewis gun and Brodie helmet prototypesI’m watching the Men’s Biathlon right now.

American Joe Teela is our best hope for a medal. He started in 9th place today, which was by far and away the best placement an American has ever had going into the medal round.

I found this a bit surprising. You’d think Americans would be good at a sport that involves skiing + guns—or for that matter, anything + guns. What good are gun rights if they don’t even give us an edge in sports where you have to shoot at things?

Also this sport would be a lot better if they had paintball guns and shot at each other.  Each time you got hit, you’d have to do a penalty lap.

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  1. I think it is the type of weapon that makes us so bad at this sport. If the shooters had a .44 Magnum or a Glock, then the Americans would definitely win. If they had RPGs, then Palestine would probably win.

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