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Prosperity is not made from Tofu [McDonald’s]

The recession has been long and hard. Many people have had to give up things or change their consumption habits. But just in case you’ve forgotten, the good times taste like beef.

At least that is the message that McDonald’s is sending.

In honor of the Chinese New Year, McDonald’s has rolled out a new line of Prosperity and Mega Prosperity Burgers across Southeast Asia.

The burgers, which quite frankly look a little gross, come with one or two sauce-coated beef or chicken patties. The promotional website proclaims that “Prosperous Times Are Back” and urges you to celebrate with a Mega Prosperity Burger Meal.

I guess that seems appropriate.


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  1. […] If there is one thing that McDonald’s taught us, it is that Prosperity doesn’t taste like Tofu—it tastes like meat. […]

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