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February 15th, 2010:

Step it up Team America! [Olympics]

2010 Olympic Winter Games Opening Ceremony, BC PlaceSo far we are winning with 8 medals to France, Germany and Canada’s 4 each. But all of the projections say that the final medal count will be close. Nate Silver over at fivethirtyeight has aggregated many of the different projections and he has the USA, Germany and Canada in a three-way tie.

It would bad enough to lose to the Germans yet again, but falling behind Canada would be deeply humiliating. I mean, really, are we going to be beaten by a country that breaks the Olympic Torch and thinks slam poetry is appropriate in the opening ceremonies?

P.S. Why is NBC broadcasting speeds in metric? I thought they paid all that money for the American broadcast rights. Can’t they convert those meaningless kilometer/hour speed readings into something we Americans can understand back home?

Prosperity is not made from Tofu [McDonald’s]

The recession has been long and hard. Many people have had to give up things or change their consumption habits. But just in case you’ve forgotten, the good times taste like beef.

At least that is the message that McDonald’s is sending.

In honor of the Chinese New Year, McDonald’s has rolled out a new line of Prosperity and Mega Prosperity Burgers across Southeast Asia.

The burgers, which quite frankly look a little gross, come with one or two sauce-coated beef or chicken patties. The promotional website proclaims that “Prosperous Times Are Back” and urges you to celebrate with a Mega Prosperity Burger Meal.

I guess that seems appropriate.


Who is winning the Olympics?

Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games InukshukIf you’re not watching the Olympics you should be. They are great. Not because speed skating or curling are particularly interesting sports (there is a reason we only televise these sports every four years), but because the Olympics determine what the best country in the world is. That, and they allow us all to engage in politically-correct jingoism for the better part of two weeks. USA! USA! USA!

As of the end of day three, I am happy to report that America is still the best country in the world with 6 medals to Germany’s 4. Canada, who some accounts have favored to win, (that would be deeply humiliating), is tied with France for 3rd place with 3 medals each.

And don’t let anyone tell you it is the number of Gold medals that counts, because by that metric we would have lost to China in 2008.

You can keep track of the totals on NBC’s Olympic site.

Go America!

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