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Flowers: any hour of the day or night [Open 24/7]

IMG_018124/7 Technology is one of the things that make America Great.

Some things—like drug stores, coffee shops and diners—are just meant to be open 24-hours. It is expected that the drug store will be open when you need it and that the diner will always have a light on for you. And when they don’t, it is deeply disappointing.

But this being America, there are a whole class of other establishments where the owners have decided to keep them open all night even though you wouldn’t expect them to be.  Examples include your 24-hour car-washes, all-night hair salons and mechanic shops.

I thought I had heard of every kind of 24-hour establishment, but the other day while walking through the East Village I stumbled on another one I had never seen before: a 24-hour florist.

It is a testament to the American entrepreneurial spirit—and a remarkable business insight—that someone had the audacity to open a all-night florist. But on reflection, it makes perfect sense. Domestic disputes don’t only occur from 9-5. If you have a falling out in the middle of the night and need to get off the couch, sometimes the only solution is stopping by a florist at 3 AM.

Thankfully in America, that is possible.

God Bless America!

(Hat tip: Roberta)

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  1. Adam says:

    If only this store had been available to Tiger, a massive PR debacle could have been avoided.

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