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January 26th, 2010:

Free Refills Roundup [Constitutional Amendment edition]

US ConstitutionFree Refills are part of the American spirit and we tend to talk about them a lot–particularly on Twitter. So once I week  every one in a while, I post the best of the “Free Refills” chatter from the web. The fourth edition of the Free Refills Roundup features calls for a Free Refills constitutional amendment.

Took full advantage of free refills with 4 glasses of Pepsi! @DeadmanDBR

I don’t get going to coffee shops. Is it normal for everyone to come here and just get free refills of coffee and use the free wifi? @roleforlife

back in the states, thanking our forefathers for free refills and ice water ! @teaginmjom

Bars should be like fast food places. Free refills. @talling_icarus

We need a constitutional amendment explicitly stating we have a right to free refills on soft drinks. @JCCentCom

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