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Will the soda tax drive New Yorkers to the bottle?

7 Eleven Beer Can, 1970's

Where has 7-Eleven brand beer been all my life?

Governor Patterson’s cent-per-ounce soda tax might be the most regressive new tax proposal around (as was pointed out in a previous post by commenter John), but it still has a silver lining—at least for the beer companies.

The New York Times’ City Room Blog reports that if passed, the soda tax would make some six-packs of beer cheaper than coke.

Now I enjoy an ice cold Coca-Cola as much as the next guy. But let’s be honest, if beer and Coke are even close to the same price, beer wins every time.

Of course entirely swapping beer for soda in your diet will be a little difficult unless they repeal some of our oppressive public consumption laws.

[City Room]

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  1. […] few weeks ago Governor Patterson proposed slapping a hefty tax on soda as a way to help address New York’s massive budget deficit.  A similar national proposal died […]

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