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January 9th, 2010:

Eat fast food to save time and money

BK adFast food is a wonderful, all-American thing.

Not only is delicious, ubiquitous and available from drive-thru windows, but it is also a tremendous value.

In the spirit of New Year’s weight loss resolutions, the folks over at Ecoslaon took a look at the calorie counts of a few delicious fast food items. First on their list was the latest cheese burger from Burger King. Of course the authors saw the 2.2 hours of swimming that it would take to burn off the 680 calories in a BK Double Cheese Burger as a stroke against the sandwich.

But what they didn’t consider is that BK is selling this mountain of goodness for only $1. You read that correctly, you can buy an entire BK Double Cheese Burger and the 680 calories of energy it packs for the cost of an apple. That is one hell of a value.

Eating nothing but these burgers, the average American could meet most of their daily energy needs for only $3 per day! (If you follow this diet, I might suggest also taking a daily vitamin. I recommend Flintstones Complete).

And chowing down on fast food can save time as well. To get the energy contained in just one BK Double Cheese Burger, you would need to eat 5-6 apples. Not only would that cost you around $4-5 dollars at the typical farmers’ market, but it would take you the better part of an hour to eat them all. Fast food burgers, on the other hand, are conveniently designed to be shoved into the mouth and eaten in two or three large bites–allowing us to ingest hundreds of calories in just a few seconds.

When it comes to saving time and money, fast food wins every time.

God Bless Fast Food and God Bless America!

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