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January 7th, 2010:

Not all cereal boxes are created equal [photos]

IMG_0180Michigan might have its share of problems—like a crippling depression, budget crisis and massive brain-drain—but one thing it still has going for it is sensible sized cereal boxes. Considering that breakfast cereal is one of the things that make America great, this is no small asset.

When I was back in town for XMAS, I stopped by the grocery store and noticed that the shrink-ray that has been plaguing the cereal aisles on the East Coast for years seems to have passed over the Midwest.

My favorite cereal—Lucky Charms—came in a massive 1.5 pound package for a reasonable $5.50. That is nearly twice as much cereal-per-box as is available at my local grocery store in New York, where the largest size has decreased from 14oz to 11.5oz over the past six months. Of course, they still charge $5.99 per box for the smaller size.

Needless to say I was sure to bring a few Michigan-sized boxes of Lucky Charms back to New York with me. And yes, they are the good kind that still have the full dose of sugar that we know and love.

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