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Domino’s Pizza is doing some trash talking [video]

Domino’s might have been founded by someone with rather strict religious beliefs, but Tom Monaghan invented modern delivery pizza, and for that we all owe him a debt of¬†gratitude. ¬†Even after his departure, Ann Arbor based Domino’s Pizza is continuing to innovate in the pizza delivery market by introducing the kind of taunting negative ads usually confined to political campaigns.

Negative ads in general is great, but this one is really delightful as it involves a attorney’s letter and in-house polling. Check it out.

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  1. Heesa Phadie says:

    Haha…I remember when I first saw that commercial and I remember loving just as much as I just did watching it again.

  2. Marisa says:

    Did you see their CEO (I believe featured in that commercial) now works for your alma mater? Some people were trying to convince him to run for governor, but I guess he and John Cherry both decided they didn’t want to take on that challenge.

    1. nowooski says:

      I guess U-M has a jobs program for Regents who lose their seats. Brandon, you might recall, when down in flames a few years back. That being said, Brandon is one of the most reasonable and competent Republicans in the state. All things considered, it is more sad that he is not running than the LG.

  3. […] Negative campaigning is one of the great things about America. And thanks to the Internet and an increasingly competitive economic environment, we are seeing more negative ads than ever targeting both politicians and companies. […]

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