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Your favorite posts from December

THANK YOU for making December the best month ever for Free Refills & Why I Love America. Here are the top posts for the last month:

The graph the New York Times doesn’t want you to see (3rd month on list!) “Safety experts” and paternalistic editorial pages around the country are pushing to ban cell phones in cars. But there is one question none of them can answer: if cell phones are so dangerous, why are the roads safer than ever?

Judging by the tremendous number of Google hits this post is getting, I think Americans are looking for similar answers.

Should we ban cell phones in cars? No. (2nd month on list!) A no nonsense post full of facts and graphs about the relationship between cell phones and car crashes.

#24. Breakfast Cereal Sugary breakfast cereal is God’s gift to America. It means that we don’t have to eat a horrible “continental breakfast” every morning. For that, we should be truly thankful.

#10. Super Big Gulp (4th month on the list!) There are some things that perfectly encapsulate the American spirit, and the Big Gulp is one of them. This post continues to get a constant stream of search-engine traffic.

#1. Ice There is something about the refreshing taste of an ice cold coke that you just can’t find in Europe… because they don’t serve ice. Who would have thought these little frozen cubes could make me love America so much.

Which fast food should I eat? [important questions] America has scores of Fast Food chains that blanket our great nation from coast to coast. They are all excellent, so sometimes it can be hard to figure out which one to go to. Fortunately, the folks over at Eating The Road developed this handy flow-chart to help.

Starbucks’ colonization of NYC [map] Speaking of chains, here is a handy map that shows the steady colonization of NYC by Starbucks over the last decade. I like to think of it as the taste of gentrification.

Making the world safe for free refills and decent coffee It’s not just New York that needs to be made safe for chain restaurants. We need to spread the gospel across the globe as well. Here is a handy map to see the progress we’re making.

General Mills is making cereal less yummy [tragedy] Just because something is a great American institution doesn’t mean it is safe from those who wish to attack the American way of life. Unfortunately news came this month that General Mills is going to deflavorize many of its cereals by lowering the sugar content drastically. This is a reminder that progress isn’t assured.

#2. Drive-Thrus This month lots of my earliest posts received a ton of traffic—this included the second post I wrote on the beauty that is the American Drive-Thru.

Check out last month’s list as well.

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