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December 21st, 2009:

Free Refills Roundup [Panera Bread Edition]

Panera Bread Bakery-Cafe

With Free Refills this glass is never half-empty

Free Refills are part of the American spirit and we tend to talk about them a lot–particularly on Twitter. So once I week I post the best of the “Free Refills” chatter from the web. The second edition of the Free Refills Roundup features some praise for one of America‚Äôs great institutions: chain stores.

Man, this Moonstruck Diner had so much going for it. That is until I was told they don’t offer free refills. Never again, never again. @JohnnyFiveMikes

Free refills? Hell yes! @InsandeMistress

free refills. What a beautiful phrase! :)@memorytoamduck

If they offer free refills why would anyone pay for a large coffee? @KloKatze

Panera Bread, free coffee refills AND free Wi-fi? No wonder I’ve been here more than five hours. I got lots of work done, too. I swear. @Marshall9093

If you missed last week’s Free Refills Roundup which featured some good old anti-French sentiment, you can find it here.

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