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December 17th, 2009:

…then they came for our SpaghettiOs. [tragedy]

Spaghettio's - 347

Now less tasty!

The so-called “nutrition experts” are winning their war against tasty American food.

Last week cereal giant General Mills bowed to pressure and agreed to slash the sugar content in many of our most-beloved cereals, like Lucky Charms. Now Campbell Soup Company announced that it is going to drastically cut the sodium levels in many of its products, including SpaghettiOs.

Like most Americans, I believe that most any dish can be improved with five or six good shakes of the saltshaker. So when I hear that a once-great American company like Campbell’s is reducing the salt content in many produces by more than 1/3, my heart aches a little. SpaghettiOs will never be the same again.

But since most Campbell’s products are canned, you can stock up SpaghettiOs and all your other favorites before the new deflavorized versions hit store shelves in April.

(Hat tip: Dan)

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