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December 15th, 2009:

Wireless internet while driving [GM is not dead]

IMG_6325The proliferation of the smart phone has dramatically increased our behind-the-wheel productivity. Now we can not only make phone calls while driving, but also text, check stock quotes and email as well.

But despite their utility, smart phones are not computers. Things like word processing, data entry and true web surfing still require the full-size screen of a laptop to accomplish effectively.

In an age when internet connectivity is everything, using a laptop while driving is just not practical because it is hard to get and keep a wireless signal while zooming down the highway at 70 mph. That is, until now. General Motors announced that it is offering a wireless internet option in 7 new models. The $199 dollar package will provide high-speed internet access in and around the car. What’s more, GM is using some of that government bailout money to promote its new Wi-Fi with full mail-in rebates.

Turns out GM has not been emasculated after all.

Of course, to make full use of your new in-car internet, you’ll probably want to invest in a steering-wheel desk as well

God Bless America and God Bless General Motors.

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