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December 14th, 2009:

Link Roundup [Meat eater edition]


Photo: Eating The Road

THE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT: New York City may be famous for its extensive regulations and labyrinthine licensing processes covering just about every aspect of business. But that doesn’t mean New York lets a little bureaucracy get in the way of Christmas. According to the Times, in the 19th century the city passed a special provision that allows for anyone to sell Christmas trees on any public sidewalk in the city—no permits or licenses required!

VEGITARIAN MECCA STARTS SERVING MEAT: Red Bamboo has long been a popular restaurant with New York’s vegetarian and vegan crowd. It was particularly known for its imitation meat dishes—like soy fried chicken—which it charged steakhouse prices for. But it turns out that people who forsake the most delicious parts of human culinary expression don’t actually make the best restaurant customers. So Red Bamboo is going to rebrand itself—and start serving meat.

SPEAKING OF MEAT: The folks over at Eating The Road have the latest installment of their “Will They Build It?” series up. In it, they convince some poor McDonald’s clerk to custom-build them a “Big-McSausage-egg-surf-turf-Mac.” It’s got beef, pork, egg, chicken and fish, all under one bun for a mere $7.71. God Bless America!

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