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December 11th, 2009:

Free Refills roundup [welcome to Paris edition]

23 Free RefillsFree Refills are a cornerstone of American culture. So naturally we tend to talk about them a lot, particularly on the internet. Today I’m starting a new feature where every week or so I’ll roundup the best free refills related comments from the trusty twitter feed and post them here.


I think Congress should reform the restaurant industry next. Its not fair that everyone doesn’t offer free refills. –@Rhodymike

Many White Castle locations offer free refills on sliders as long as you retain the boxes. –@whitecastlefact

if it’s not free refills. You’re not in America. “MERICA!” –@normajeanband

Just had a $1.50 hotdog and 20oz drink with FREE refills at the greatest store in the world… Costco!!! I love America –@anthonypond

Hotel had mix-up and no room for us. Starbucks charges for wi-fi and refills. McDonalds has free wi-fi but no plugs. Welcome to Paris! –@runkeeper

Let me know about any good ones I missed in the comments.

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