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December 8th, 2009:

I beat Facebook in court [class action lawsuits]

judge hand with gavelClass action lawsuits are wonderful. They allow our hyper-litigious yet lazy culture to sue big companies without actually doing any work ourselves.

Just today I received word that I was the victim of some horrible scheme perpetrated by some of my least-favorite companies and that a settlement has been proposed.

It seems that Facebook, Blockbuster, STA Travel , Fandango,, Zappos, Hotwire and Gamyfly colluded to violate my privacy by publishing stories about my web actions to my Facebook wall. (Except that they didn’t since I am usually pretty good about clicking the “DON’T PUBLISH” button.)

I didn’t know about this nor do I particularly care about it in hindsight. But what is great about American class action lawsuits is that these scoundrels have been brought to justice on my behalf.

Of course it seems like most of the $9.5 million settlement will be eaten up by attorneys’ fees and what little is left will go towards some lame internet privacy foundation so there will likely be no money for me. But no matter. What makes me happy is that companies like Blockbuster and Fandango that I dislike are being hurt by the lawsuit. That is all the settlement I need.

God Bless American and God Bless Class Action lawsuits.

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