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Link Round-up: [Smug superiority edition]

Switzerland: Say Yes!NO RELIGIOUS FREEDOM FOR YOU: We tend to think of the Swiss as rich, progressive, chocolate-eating pacifists. But it turns out that all is not warm and fuzzy in the land of secret bank accounts. Last week, the Swiss passed a constitutional amendment banning the construction of Minarets. An analysis of election results over at FiveThirtyEight found that the ban wasn’t born out of equal opportunity distaste for new religious structures, but from an old fashioned prejudice against Muslims.

BRITISH CIVILITY STOPS AT THE SUBWAY DOOR: We already knew that the London Underground is a hot, un-air-conditioned hell-hole. But a new study out suggests that the World’s oldest subway system is so uncomfortable that it’s turning the normally civil British into brutish animals. Pregnant women looking for seats are out of luck.

GROPING TRAINS: New York tabloids might think the 600 cases of sexual harassment in the subway last year is some kind of epidemic (The NYC subway has some 5.8 million riders per-day). But at least the MTA is trying to head off the problem through public awareness campaigns. In Tokyo, authorities have been forced to essentially admit defeat in the face of a groping epidemic and install women-only subway cars.

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