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December 1st, 2009:

Your favorite posts from November

This month saw a surge in search-engine traffic. If you’re a new reader, welcome. I hope you enjoy the site! And if you’ve been reading for a while, THANK YOU and please consider commenting. I love comments—even the combative ones.

That being said, here were your most-read posts from November:

The graph the New York Times doesn’t want you to see (2nd month on list!) “Safety experts” and paternalistic editorial pages around the country are pushing to ban cell phones in cars. But there is one question none of them can answer: if cell phones are so dangerous, why are the roads safer than ever?

Judging by the tremendous number of Google hits this post is getting, I think Americans are looking for similar answers.

#10. Super Big Gulp (3rd month on the list!) There are some things that perfectly encapsulate the American spirit, and the Big Gulp is one of them. This post continues to get a constant stream of search-engine traffic.

MINUTEMEN UPDATE: Senate considering Coke tax (3rd month on the list!) People are concerned about taxing soda. After all, who wants to pay 32 cents more for a Big Gulp?

McDonald’s in America [progress] (2nd month on list!) A map of just how ubiquitous McDonald’s has become. Isn’t it beautiful?

Should we ban cell phones in cars? No. A no nonsense post full of facts and graphs about the relationship between cell phones and car crashes.

#20. Camel Crush Cigarettes [American innovation] (2nd month on list!) I’m not a smoker and I support smoking bans because they keep my dry-cleaning bill down. But that being said, Camel Crush Cigarettes are amazing and proof that American innovation is alive and well.

Thanksgiving is like an all-you-can-eat buffet. Here is how to beat it. In honor of America’s Greatest Holiday, here is a post about an excellent strategy guide devoted to navigating life’s all-you-can-eat buffet situations.

Is it time to ban carpooling? You know what is more dangerous than talking on the cell phone while driving? Being in a car full of screaming children. Perhaps it’s time we look at banning carpooling.

There is something dirty about Toronto [besides the Canadians who live there] I’ll admit, I’ve never lied Toronto. It is cold, desolate and totally lacking any charm whatsoever. Also, its mass transit system sucks. That being said, I was only too happy to repost alarming reports about Toronto’s tainted water system.

#19. KFC’s “Double Down Sandwich” There is only one thing to say after learning of a bacon, cheddar sandwich that uses two pieces of fried chicken as the bun: God Bless America!

Check out last month’s list as well.

British OK with Government surveillance drones, not Google Street View

PredatorThis probably should have been posted under the “Smug superiority link-roundup” I posed a few hours back, but I just saw it now so it gets its own post.

BIG BROTHER TAKES TO THE AIR: The British are already the most watched people in the world, but it seems that CCTV cams in every doorway, subway and intersection are not enough to keep the UK safe. New plans released by the government call for a fleet of predator-style drones that will conduct surveillance from the air. Big Brother’s new air force is all fine and dandy by the British, just as long as that damn Google Street View car doesn’t come down the street.

Link Round-up: [Smug superiority edition]

Switzerland: Say Yes!NO RELIGIOUS FREEDOM FOR YOU: We tend to think of the Swiss as rich, progressive, chocolate-eating pacifists. But it turns out that all is not warm and fuzzy in the land of secret bank accounts. Last week, the Swiss passed a constitutional amendment banning the construction of Minarets. An analysis of election results over at FiveThirtyEight found that the ban wasn’t born out of equal opportunity distaste for new religious structures, but from an old fashioned prejudice against Muslims.

BRITISH CIVILITY STOPS AT THE SUBWAY DOOR: We already knew that the London Underground is a hot, un-air-conditioned hell-hole. But a new study out suggests that the World’s oldest subway system is so uncomfortable that it’s turning the normally civil British into brutish animals. Pregnant women looking for seats are out of luck.

GROPING TRAINS: New York tabloids might think the 600 cases of sexual harassment in the subway last year is some kind of epidemic (The NYC subway has some 5.8 million riders per-day). But at least the MTA is trying to head off the problem through public awareness campaigns. In Tokyo, authorities have been forced to essentially admit defeat in the face of a groping epidemic and install women-only subway cars.

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