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The Col-Pop is real [rejoice]

IMG_0145I first heard about the Col-Pop I was blown away. A cup that holds both delicious chicken and refreshing soda in one container! How could such a thing be possible? The video about this momentous achievement of human engineering was convicing, but part of me was still skeptical. I guess it was a defensive measure. It would have been hard to bear if a food development this life changing turned out to be nothing more than a hoax.

Today I am happy to report that the Col-Pop is real. I’ve seen it with my own eyes at the BBQ Chicken in the East Village. And sure enough, the store is proudly touting Col-Pop technology to New York pedistrians.

Now if we could only get them to open one  next to the McDonald’s in the Louvre. After all, what product could be better suited to weary tourists wandering around a mammoth museum that is suspiciously devoid of tables and benches?

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