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Great Pyramid, meet Pizza Hut [progress]

Pizza Pyramids

The view from the window of the Giza Pizza Hut. Now if we could only get some billboards up around there...

A few weeks ago I wrote about how McDonald’s is colonizing the Louvre. Turns out the Golden Arches aren’t the only American fast-food logo visible at famous world heritage sites. Pizza Hut and KFC have been doing their part to make the world—or in this case the ancient world— safe for free refills and fast food as well by building restaurants in famous places, like across the street from the Great Pyramid.

Now weary tourists can take in the greatest achievement of Egyptian culture while enjoying the air-conditioning, greasy pizza and free refills that our some of our greatest achievements. Talk about a nice view.

God Bless America!

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One Comment

  1. rachel says:

    A Pizza Hut pizza seems a little heavy for desert weather, doesn’t it?

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