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Motorists: 11, Speed Cameras: 0

no speed camerasEuropeans might get all hot and bothered by the Google Streetview Car, but they sure don’t mind the government looking over their shoulder. As anyone who has been to the UK or France knows, surveillance cameras are everywhere. And it doesn’t stop at security cameras; they’ve also turned their traffic enforcement over to automated ticketing machines. Red light cameras, speed cameras, carpool lane cameras, they’ve got them all.

Now traffic cameras are popping up in America as well.

Though they were only introduced a few years ago, traffic cameras, like the dandelions weeds brought over from the Netherlands, are spreading across our nation like an invasive species. They are undermining the great cat-and-mouse game of American traffic enforcement and saddling us with countless tickets in the process.

But last Tuesday, three towns showed the whole nation how to stand up and fight back against the traffic camera—by using the ballot box.

The citizens of College Station, TX voted overwhelmingly to tear down their city’s traffic cameras. This was despite the over $60,000 that the company that operates the cameras spent trying to defeat the measure. Voters in Chillicothe, OH did the same.

According to the Washington Post, voters in Heath, OH were so disgusted when the Mayor was caught taking down anti-camera posters that they voted to both tear down the cameras and throw the Mayor out of office as well.

To date, 11 communities have held referendums on traffic cameras. The score is motorists: 11, cameras: 0.

Let’s keep it that way.

God Bless America!

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