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November 6th, 2009:

Your favorite posts from October

This post is a little late this month because the first few days of November were quite hectic. I spent most of my time trying to get Mayor Michael Bloomberg—the guy who put credit-card machines in cabs and banned smoking in restaurants—re-elected.

But I’m back. And here are the top ten most-read posts of October:

The graph the New York Times doesn’t want you to see “Safety experts” and paternalistic editorial pages around the country are pushing to ban cell phones in cars. But there is one question none of them can answer: if cell phones are so dangerous, why are the roads safer than ever?

Judging by the tremendous number of Google hits this post is getting, I think Americans are looking for similar answers.

Forget the soda tax, it’s time for a salad tax! The food police want to tax your Big Gulp and take away your Double Down sandwich. But it turns out salads might be a bigger health risk. Why not tax them?

Is texting while driving dangerous? This piece looks at the numbers to see if texting-while-driving has led to a spike in car crashes. The answer is no, but look at my nifty graph.

#10. Super Big Gulp (2nd month on the list!) There are some things that perfectly encapsulate the American spirit, and the Big Gulp is one of them. This post continues to get a constant stream of search-engine traffic.

#20. Camel Crush Cigarettes [American innovation] I’m not a smoker and I support smoking bans because they keep my dry-cleaning bill down. But that being said, Camel Crush Cigarettes are amazing and proof that American innovation is alive and well.

MINUTEMEN UPDATE: Senate considering Coke tax (2nd month on the list!) People are concerned about taxing soda. After all, who wants to pay 32 cents more for a Big Gulp?

McDonald’s in America [progress] A map of just how ubiquitous McDonald’s has become. Isn’t it beautiful?

Is a “Coke Tax” a threat to Free Refills? (2nd month on the list!) A 1 cent per-ounce tax on soda would drastically change the economics of free refills. Might it spell the end of the most American of institutions?

What makes Europe Stink €2. Nescafé Instant Coffee (2nd month on the list!) Europeans are the biggest food snobs in the world. But they have a dirty little secret, they LOVE instant coffee. That’s why Starbucks developed VIA.

Making the world safe for free refills and decent coffee If you thought the map of McDonald’s in America was impressive, check out this one of Starbucks and McDonald’s locations across the globe. Looks like it is safe to go anywhere, save for most of Africa—and Iceland.

Check out last month’s list as well.

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